Creative Strategy

We are a creative strategy team that can help you with all aspects of your company’s marketing and branding efforts.

We like to consider ourselves “organized creatives,” combining left-brain analytical skills and business knowledge with right-brain creativity and passion.


A holistic expression of your organization’s personality expressed not just by a logo but through all five senses


Enlisting our team of talented creative professionals to tackle your marketing projects from start-to-finish


Leading creative ideation sessions, conducting seminars, and providing customized coaching for your in-house team

We’re a mother-daughter team going on our fourth year of working together. One of us comes to the table with decades of advertising creative direction. The other one brings the vitality of youth and knowledge of the interactive world. One is more right brain, the other is more left brain. You can guess which is which.


We value collaboration. We believe in working with those with complementary skills and unique knowledge. They improve our product. We’re proud to associate with some of the industry’s best web developers, researches, videographers, editors, illustrators, media buyers…



  • "It was from this experience that I learned not only social media but also the power of storytelling."...

  • Lisa was one of 27 connected individuals chosen to assess four emerging industries in New Orleans...

  • In order to help NorSouth receive a warm welcome from the tight knit city of Tucker, we immersed ourselves in the community....



    I grew up on photoshoots, critiquing logos, and getting reprimanded for uneven letter spacing on elementary school projects. My “clip art” selection consisted of 10,000 images and I was always chosen first for group projects because of it. I think I still remember how to get to get to minesweepers on a PC and ⌘Q has solved all of my life problems since I could walk.

    I get called the left brain, the nerd, the organized creative. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by sociology and psychology – why people choose to do something, the mind of the target. I have read billboards and watched super bowl commercials only being able to see the board room meetings and story boards of how the idea came to be. With an incredibly diverse background in all things creative, I shine in bringing it all together – taking the clients’ goals, the customers’ needs, and brilliant creativity and making it a cohesive piece.

    In my free time you will find me out in the country with my puppy dog, traveling the world, in the garden or in the kitchen cooking.


    Left Brain

    I started my career in the creative department of regional and international advertising agencies, creating ad campaigns for accounts ranging from package goods to consumer products and services. My work earned regional and national awards — in Atlanta, Chicago and NY.
    When the digital age blew up our industry, I relied on my creativity to reinvent myself. I rented an apartment in NY, hired a tutor, cut a map of Manhattan into 20 pieces and walked one neighborhood per day till I covered the entire island. Using myself as the client, I developed a blog and social media campaign to promote my walks and position myself as a relevant marketing professional.
    My subsequent treks across Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Panama caught the attention of Oprah’s network and Huffington Post. City leaders of New Orleans invited me to walk their city in exchange for my stories. Blah, blah, blah…
    The real me? I have a book in the works, one about my NY walks and my love of graffiti. I can be bought with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I don’t share my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.
    …and nothing I love more than Auburn football. Oh, well, maybe my kids.


    Right Brain