St. James UMC Stewardship Campaign


It started with twelve. Twelve men who pledged their time and gifts.




Meet Matthew.

Matthew was a shrewd businessman. A numbers guy. Made a pretty penny collecting taxes from others. Until a penniless preacher named Jesus asked Matthew to give it all up and follow Him. Unbelievably, Matthew did just that. Jesus then gave Matthew the power to perform miracles. You have that same power. Do you have the faith to use it






Meet Mary.

She had it tough. Mary was a woman in a man’s world. She wasn’t part of the in-group of good ol’ boys. But that didn’t stop Mary. She earned her way in.

Her penitence and piety won the respect of Jesus and the 12 Disciples. She was blessed to be the first to see the risen Christ. Mary overcame obstacles and made a real difference in people’s lives. What’s stopping you? Have you earned your way in?





Meet Judas.

People trusted Judas. Sharp guy. His friends, the Disciples, even made him their Club Treasurer.  The keeper of the purse. Yet it was love of money that led Judas to betray his greatest friend, Jesus, sending Him to die on the cross.

Judas’ betrayal was an abominable act. But none of us are immune to sin. Consider placing your trust, not in material things, but in God.




Meet Thomas.

We’ve all known someone like Thomas. A skeptic. A questioner.

Thomas was a follower of Jesus, yet he questioned Jesus frequently. He wanted to believe, but frankly, had his doubts. Thomas even doubted Jesus was risen until he saw Him with his own eyes. Faith doesn’t mean we don’t have moments of doubt. Faith is about what we do at those moments.

Thomas spread the Gospel of Jesus farther than any other Apostle.

What will you do?